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  1. Fold / unfold / fold / again / a choreography / amongst images / again / the act of folding / feels like framing / again / no

    scale / no frame / again / touching borders / stretching the frame / again / in search of a state / it was before / and again /

    something different happens / again / when you see / again / what is it / again / what you expect / again / it is / reinventing /

    again / a facsimile, but / again / nor a fixed choreography / nor a fixed line / again / translucent / again / in between / a pulse

    / a rhyme / a time / again / itself / never referring / again / in between / drawing lines and movement / again / a rhythm /

    again / several times / the same / the different / still / again / smallest details / disappearing / again / again / resonating /

    rehearsing / again / as if anew / composing / building / weaving / again / an extension / again / along sightlines / a dance

    / again / momentary matter / again / disoriented / again / beyond / again / fold / unfold / fold / again



    The work FOLD UNFOLD FOLD AGAIN (A choreography amongst images) can be compared with the process of a

    choreography. As in a choreography, in which a certain path in a limited space is created for a dancer to perform, the

    images in Fold Unfold Fold Again have a specific stage and certain path to function and perform within.

    The project originated from a strong interest and investigation in the possible appearances of photo- and videographic

    images from the moment they are captured on film or sensor, which distils a limited space (or stage) from an original

    actual context or place. That original context is not important, it’s the limited space generated by that mediated image

    that functions as the starting point of the different works in Fold. In Fold Lore Horré uses this limited space of a

    captured image to generate endless new spaces and images, moving back and forth from physical appearances to

    touching the surface of flat abstractions and back again (but never over the path she came from). In this way the images

    in Fold Unfold Fold all take part in a kaleidoscopic dance on a stage that is provided and constantly altered by them selves.