Built with Berta

  1. Magnolia (2014)

    is the collaboration between photographers Iphygenia Dubois and Lore Horré, realized in 2014. It is the result of a self-chosen isolation. They went to an old monastery, which used to belong to ‘Les Oblats de Marie Immaculée.’ Since two years all the oblates were forced to leave their home, some of their personal belongings, though, were left behind. The photographers didn’t start with a concrete idea, but were guided by the prevailing atmosphere of gloom surrounding the empty buildings. They lived in the traces of someone else’s past, which felt unnatural for them at first. But soon they started to ‘appreciate’ their uncanny environment. Not only the place was important during their stay. The friendship between the two photographers played a major role in the process and the realization of the work. The site, the rooms, the eerie garden filled their bodies with fear. This fear of the unknown never completely faded, so they decided to entangle this feeling of anxiety into their work. The work tells the story of the extant past in the present, the desolate surrounding and how the photographers coped with these experiences.