a reality in between  

focusses on the unseen layers of reality captured within the photonegative— a translucent window of
our captured reality. An intermediary phase where light and
shadow dance in a delicate balance.

But what if the true image resides within this inversion itself.
This photographic series redefines the role of images, proposing
an alternate space where authenticity and uncertainty coexist,
inviting us to question what we perceive. Where the familiar
becomes the unfamiliar, and dares us to perceive what’s
beyond the surface.

‘ A Reality in Between’ is more than a collection of images.
It’s an exploration—an unravelling of the original image,
an embrace of the enigmatic. It challenges preconceptions,
inviting us to question the photographic medium itself.

The photobook contains all the images used in the photographic series ‘A Reality in Between’ both in their positive and inverted ‘negative’ state of the image.
black ink on black paper, white ink on black paper, black ink on Lessebo 150, white ink on transparent. Printed in collaboration with Dok13 in Ghent.

30 x 22 cm

Order a copy lore@horre.be

The photographic negative is seen as the original, the direct imprint or trace of the reality that unfolded at a specific moment in front of our camera. However, rarely is the negative itself used or shown as the original representation after this process. The negative is a part of an intermediate phase, the object that allows the creation of a positive print of our reality as known to perceive it. In this work, I position the photographic negative as the real original, presenting the unique image as the true representation of the recorded reality. It challenges us to look at an inversion of the images, contrary to what we are used to.

The process of this photographic work begins with the photographic negative, treated in the usual manner. A digital scan is made to create the positive image, considered as the original photographic image. Afterwards, a new print is made from these positive images on transparent film, as if they were becoming the new negatives. These new negatives are then scanned again using the same process to generate the positive image. The resulting positive image becomes the negative print of reality, as seen in the original photographic negative. The negative transparent film carries the positive image that we initially perceive as the original, but already is a copy of the original negative. In this installation, the same vicious circle between positive and negative is repeated through various materials, textures, and ink, creating a continuous interplay between positive and negative images. As viewers, we find ourselves amid this duality.

On display at Rotterdam Photo 2024 - installation view